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I've got a Hotpoint CTX18BACGRWW fridge (1999 mfg date on the tag) that's stopped working. The lights and fans run

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Old 09-24-2009, 02:53 PM
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Default Hotpoint fridge not working
Model Number: CTX18BACGRWW   Brand: Hotpoint   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I've got a Hotpoint CTX18BACGRWW fridge (1999 mfg date on the tag) that's stopped working. The lights and fans run but it's no longer providing any cold.

I can hear a click from the compressor area and then another click about 2 seconds later. This cycle repeats every 3-5 minutes. Turning the thermostat makes no difference (other than Off working, of course).

It's a low-use fridge in the basement, basically just beverages and carry over from the daily fridge. It gets opened no more than twice a week, typically. It was only luck that I opened it when I did, while things were still a bit cool. Obviously I did not refreeze anything.

So what's the typical cut-off point in bothering to fix one of these? A new freezerless Frigidaire is around $500.

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...I can hear a click from the compressor area and then another click about 2 seconds later. This cycle repeats every 3-5 minutes...
That means the compressor is trying to start and can not do it. The problem can be a bad start components (#733 & #735 on the ) or the compressor itself.

This refrigerator is definitively not worth a new compressor, but you can try your luck and replace the start relay and overload. The chance is 50/50.

- The relay Part number: AP3156242

Part number: AP3156242

- The overload Part number: AP2061490

Part number: AP2061490

Here are the breakdown diagrams and http://www.appliancepartspros.com/pa...odel_id=205542

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