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JanetSta 10-13-2012 02:40 PM

modular for ice maker
my ice maker is still working but the water from the fill line will not fill up to ice maker. What was NOT working is some kind of pump with 2 separate modules that have a 2 prong plug ea, left one facing straight and the right one facing right. One intake where water line valve (size of hose coupler) that feeds into one piece of plastic with separate hose fittings. Each separate module running the smaller hose attachment that are threaded. I talked to Matt in parts, he told me maker was too old for replacement parts, so I got a new ice maker that is suppose to have these modules in side. I got a WPL D7824706Q to replace the old maker. Problem is....there are no instructions NOR anything to attache the water line to....what am I missing?:cool:

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