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clintonus 10-07-2012 10:07 PM

Hotpoint sxs stops cooling until manual restart
Hotpoint sxs works for several hours cooling and freezing and eventually stops until i manually turn the temperature switch on and off. I have temp setting to 9's on both freezer and fresh food. I took off panel inside freezer and the evaporator coils have a nice even layer of frost from top to bottom without any blocks of ice after letting it run for 20 minutes. Evaporator fan is blowing air and fan is blowing air to fresh food side. Took back panel off and compressor is hot and vibrating. Condenser fan in front of coils wasn't turning, so i cleaned it and the coil, now it is running. Food eventually freeze after running for several hours, then everything melts and fans stop running until a restart. Where should I start troubleshooting?

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