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rmincar 08-14-2012 06:21 PM

NO ICE from Ice Maker
My Frigidaire ice maker recently stopped working - looking for pointers on how to diagnose/fix the problem.
- Water dispenser works.
- I removed front cover on ice maker and can see the gears turning through full harvest cycle, but there is no ice at all... no water is coming into trays. Does that mean I need a new valve or could it be something else?
- I noticed a small piece of ice (couple inches long but not very thick) in the fill tube. Could that be an indication of the problem? I removed it, as best as I can tell, and the ice maker still doesn't work. Should I remove the whole unit to fully thaw and reinstall?
- The water was shut off for about 4 days while out of town, and intermittently while some other plumbing repairs were being done. I never thought to move the ice maker arm to the off position. I see the manual says it should be turned off if the water supply is shut off. Could leaving it on while the water supply was off have caused a failure of something?

Thanks for any suggestions on how to resolve this.

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