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. "

Hi everyone, I'm sorry if there are some steps that I should have done before posting. However, I suspect that

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Default Clogged Defrost Drain?
Model Number: TBX14AYTDRWH   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if there are some steps that I should have done before posting. However, I suspect that I have a clogged defrost drain.

The symptoms are that the Freezer is fine but the Lower Fresh Food Compartment was not getting cold enough. I tried to adjust the temperature settings to max but now the Fresh Food Compartment is at room temperature.

I noticed that water was leaking from the top portion of the compartment by the light. I read around a few sites that it may be a clogged defrost drain. I am out of work now, so I really can't afford to call a repair man.

I tried to unscrew a few panels in the freezer to see if I could find something but they didn't seem to be able to removed without possibly breaking them.

I wanted to know the correct way to remove the panels so I could get to the defrost drain. Also the Refrigerator is in a VERY cramped area. I live in a 1 bedroom and the there is really BARELY enough room to get the fridge in and out, so it's not easy to get to the back.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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