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jbarbero 06-27-2012 05:39 PM

Frigidaire side by side/ Fridge freezing everything
Frigidaire side by side fridge is freezing.
Model number: Frs23bh6cs0

Freezer seems to be working fine

I did turn the fridge side off until I heard the damper door close, then turned it on to setting 2 well below factory setting. Still freezes everything. Please help

Thanks James

Simon / APP Team 06-27-2012 06:11 PM

Hi, James.

First adjust the freezer temp to warmer setting. Give it 12hrs and check freezer temperature. See if that make a difference in the refrigerator side.
If at let say 0*F in the freezer it still be freezing produce in the fresh food then replace the damper thermostat #21

Part number: 240383703

Part number: 240383703

Use the old insulation tube.

Here are the breakdown diagram and Controls replacement parts for Frigidaire FRS23BH6CS0 Frigidaire/refrigerator |

Thank you. Post the results.


jbarbero 06-27-2012 06:27 PM

Thanks for the Quick reply
Awesome! Will try tonight. I'll post the results tomorrow.


jbarbero 06-28-2012 05:48 PM

Adjusted the freezer control to warmer temp. No change in fridge. Everything is still frozen.

Simon / APP Team 06-28-2012 06:08 PM

What is the freezer temp.? If it around 0 F - replace the control I mention earlier.

Thank you.


jbarbero 06-28-2012 06:43 PM

I'm embraced to say it but I can't find my thermometer. I'm going to go get another tonight and re run the test. I'll post an update


jbarbero 06-29-2012 08:52 PM


Confirmed temp in freezer is just above zero.


Simon / APP Team 07-02-2012 10:49 AM


Replace the cold control. You have the info.


jbarbero 07-03-2012 08:06 AM

Thank you Simon!!!
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

James Barbero

Simon / APP Team 07-03-2012 11:19 AM

You are welcome.


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