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scottwj 06-24-2012 04:57 PM

GE Dual Evaporator too warm on FF side
FF side stays at 48 when set for 37, freezer stays at its setting.
Passes control diagnostics for sensors, etc. How does a dual evaporator
control temperature? Does it use the same temp sensor for the display?
Have cleaned the cond coil, cond fan working. FF evap fan runs and moves air.
Compressor is hot to the touch (can touch it but too hot to hold hand on it) is this normal?
Compressor liquid line is definitely warm, suction line is slightly cool.

Gene 06-25-2012 02:43 PM

Remove the vegetable pan and check for an ice ball or frost at the cover. Post the results.

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for General Electric PSH23PGRAWW Refrigerator |


scottwj 06-25-2012 07:11 PM

No ice on coil
Coil stays relatively warm, never ices up. Its like it does not
get refrigerant very often. What determines how to switch freon to
this evap coil? It will chill if I put it in '100% Run Time'
mode in the diagnostics.

Gene 06-25-2012 09:22 PM

1 Attachment(s)
There is the 3-way valve (#980 at the diagram). This valve operates by the main control board and it directs refrigerant flow to each evaporator as needed. There is the coil on top of the valve which can be tested as described in the attached file.

If the coil is bad, it has to be replaced by a certified tech. It can be covered under the manufacturer warranty. You have to verify it with GE.

If there is nothing wrong, replace the main control board.

- The main control board Part number: WR49X10152

Part number: WR49X10152


scottwj 06-27-2012 03:39 PM

Found the problem
Thanks for telling me how the dual evaporators are controlled. I did not check the solenoid since the evaporator would chill when put in 100% mode in the diagnostics (see previous post), telling me the controls are the problem.
Studying the wiring diagram, there is a thermistor on the evap coil in the FF side, same as the freezer side. This thermistor must deactivate the solenoid when the coil starts to freeze. Removing the coil thermistor revealed a split in the thermistor case. Replacing the thermistor solved the problem.
BTW this thermistor does not show on the parts diagrams. It also has a molded right angle plastic bushing right behind the thermistor, which of course is not a common part. I used a thermistor same as the others for this refrigerator and it works fine now.

Gene 06-27-2012 04:13 PM

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us your diagnosis and repair. It will help other people with similar problems.

Thanks again and good luck with your fridge.

P.S. BTW, all thermistors used by GE are the same and are interchangeable.

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