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. "

I just installed a refrigerator door gasket and now the door won't close. It is hinged on the right, which

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Default Refrigerator door won't close
Model Number: CTF14CGB   Brand: Hotpoint   Age: More than 10 years   

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I just installed a refrigerator door gasket and now the door won't close. It is hinged on the right, which is sealed when closed but the left side bottom has a gap of about .75 " when the door is closed. The door gasket does not touch the inside frame of the unit until about 1/3 of the way up. Can the door be adjusted? Is there anything else I can do ?

Thanks much.

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Few things to check.

1) Gasket should have been put in hot water for a least 10 minutes.

2) Easier if you remove the door.

3) you can adjust the door by putting washes in the hinges.

4) after you install you can put paper inside the gasket where there are any gaps.

5) You can also used a hair dryer and go around the gasket becarful not to melt the plastic.
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