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Hello recently received a White Westinghouse fu161L which was in storage for awhile (around four-five years). Set it up, let

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Default Problems with white westinghouse freezer
Model Number: fu161L   Brand: White-Westinghouse   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Hello recently received a White Westinghouse fu161L which was in storage for awhile (around four-five years). Set it up, let it cool down for around six hours to zero and put items in. No problem at that time. Woke up early morning to see frost on the unit and temperatures inside the unit of 70. The power had kicked off. Emptied it out and left it alone for six hours. Plugged it in and noticed a buzzing/clicking sound every 50 or so seconds from the compressor region. Suggestions or appropriate curses if its the worst case situation. Thank you.

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