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Freezer evaporator keeps icing up
My freezer evaporator keeps icing up and then the fridge/freezer goes warm. Once we defrost the evaporator, the fridge would normally operate at the correct temperature for 3-5 days. I was told by Whirlpool that it would be either something to do with the defrost cycle or that the condensing unit is dirty. Once we cleaned the condensing unit, it lasted approx 10 days before the evaporator froze up again. I manage a resort in the Bahamas and have 12 of these fridges. This seems to be happening to 3-4 of the fridges. I am thinking of ordering a few parts to try an figure this out. I can install one part at a time to try and resolve this. Please advise as you help would be greatly appreciated.


Simon / APP Team 05-15-2012 05:30 PM


Most likely there is the defrost system problem.
First remove the evaporator cover (inside the freezer).
Locate the defrost thermostat and defrost heater.
Check those two parts for continuity. Remember, that the
thermostat must be ice cold.
Replace the part which has no continuity.
If both of them checks out good - replace the control board located at the rear near the compressor.

The defrost thermostat Part number: 2321799

Part number: 2321799

The defrost heater Part number: 2210737

Part number: 2210737

The control board Part number: W10219463

Part number: W10219463

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for Whirlpool KSCS25INSS01 REFRIGERATOR |

Thank you. Post the results.


denman 05-16-2012 04:06 AM

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I could not find info on the given model number, I think it should be SS01 not SS1.

Here is an alternate method for a SS01.
See the attachment for the tech sheet.

Run the diagnostics, defrost test.
If the heater comes on then odds are that the board is toast.
If it does not come on then test the heater and the defrost thermostat.

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