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Noddy 04-30-2012 04:47 PM

Door Seal For Old Fridge
We've got this old Whirlpool fridge in the basement that recently started dripping internally in the refrigerator section. Ice also builds up on the back wall of the fridge. I think it may be due to a defective door seal as it has a couple of cracks. I tried the dollar bill thing and it seems too easy to pull it out at certain places on the door.

Anyway, I've asked a couple of parts places and they always tell me the part number I've given them is wrong, but it isn't. I even sent them a photo of the model number to show them it's not wrong. I guess it's so old nobody has anything on it any more, but I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has any idea where I can get a new seal.


denman 05-01-2012 07:00 AM

Here are your parts
Replacement parts for EVT17JAL0 models |

Look up what you need and then give them a call to see if it is available.

If the current gasket is not sealing on the hinge side of the door try a light coating of white lithium grease or vaseline on that side, This prevents it from grabbing as it is closing.

Make sure the fridge is level front to back or leaning slightly to the back.

Also there are companies out there that sell just lengths of fridge gasket.
You have to know what the cross section of the gasket looks like.
Just Google "fridge gasket" and/or "fridge seal"

Noddy 05-01-2012 04:34 PM

Thanks a lot for your reply. Are you saying that the other models listed in that link have the same seal and will work for my fridge?

Actually I didn't check the hinge side of the door, just the handle side, but it seemed pretty loose in places. From what I've read I think I also need to pull the fridge out and take the rear panel off to check for dirty or dusty coils. I wouldn't be surprised if the fridge is not level either, so I'll check for that too.

Thanks again for your time.

denman 05-02-2012 03:11 AM

Are you saying that the other models listed in that link have the same seal and will work for my fridge?
No, usually most parts are the same in a model series of units but it is not guaranteed. It is best to talk to parts representatives as they have more info and knowledge.

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