No water to ice maker


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Ice maker abruptly stopped working, it was working great, lots of ice. I suspected water supply valve. I checked voltage

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Default No water to ice maker
Model Number: 25378821890   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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Ice maker abruptly stopped working, it was working great, lots of ice.
I suspected water supply valve. I checked voltage at the leads going to water valve, 44 volts. I supplied 120 volts to water valve and the valve worked fine. Thinking ice maker wasn't supplying correct voltage to water valve I put new ice maker in. Still have no water from water valve. The voltage did jump from 44 volts to 55 volts after installing new ice maker.
Is there something supplying voltage to the ice maker that could be bad?
And how do I test for it?
Thanks, Ken

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