Freezer not cold enough, fridge also not cold enough


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I rent the house I am in and have been having trouble with the refrigerator/freezer. This is a new problem.

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Default Freezer not cold enough, fridge also not cold enough
Model Number: MRT15CSEWD   Brand: Kelvinator   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I rent the house I am in and have been having trouble with the refrigerator/freezer. This is a new problem. It is a no-defrost freezer but it is freezing up in spite of that. It does not get cold enough to freeze ice cream or saved food like leftovers. There is a very loud noise coming from the back of the freezing compartment that I can hear clearly when I stand in front of the freezer and I can even hear it when the door is closed.

The refrigerator portion is also not keeping things cold enough, cheese is getting moldly too fast, meats don't keep well.

I tried the dollar bill in door test and the doors do close but I can pull the bill out with a little muscle.

Any thoughts on what is going on here?


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probably low on gas
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