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Good morning all. New to the forum. Hoping to get some advice on our fridge which seems to have gone

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Default Refridgerator repair
Model Number: FRS23KF6EM3   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Good morning all. New to the forum. Hoping to get some advice on our fridge which seems to have gone down yesterday. We had a short lightning storm yesterday and afterwards I smelled something like burning wires and could not find the source anywhere. Later, I noticed food in the freezer thawing and now the fridge part is at about 50F. The breaker is not tripped, lights are on, and it does seem to be blowing some cold air, just not enough. Can someone help me diagnose it? Thanks


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Check to see if your compressor is running. If not, the start relay on your compressor blew out. Post results.
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