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I went to a local repair shop to purchase a start relay for my Magic Chef CTB2125GRQ refrigerator . I

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Default Part Compatibility - Start Device Kits
Model Number: CTB2125GRQ   Brand: Magic Chef   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I went to a local repair shop to purchase a start relay for my Magic Chef CTB2125GRQ refrigerator . I provided the refrigerator model number and the replacement part number 61005518, but the local expert only wanted to know that I had a Magic Chef refrigerator and determined that FSP part number 8201786 was the kit I needed.

8201786 provides a choice of two overload protectors and neither one is the same part number as the one in my unit. The instructions say use only for EGY80 and EGY90 compressor and mine is an ???70. The expert said to use either of the overload devices on on my smaller Magic Chef. I looked at the manufacturer's (Texas Instrumements) spec sheets for the device and both open at a higher temperature than the original.

Is the 8201786 approved for use in my refrigerator? Which Overload device should be used? Also - Is the PTC device in both kits equivalent?

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Order the proper start device kit from this site AP4009659
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