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billat908 07-02-2009 07:12 PM

Fridge too cold. Test Damper or thermistors?
My Amana bottom-freezer fridge is too cold in the fridge lately. It does respond to the temp contorl buttons, but I have both of them all the way down to keep the fridge in the high thirties. For years, it ran happily set at 4 and 4 to stay at 37 degrees.

I am a little confused here, as there does seem to be some response to the temp setting, so that makes me think the damper is moving. But, I suspect the damper is not being put in the exact right position. I would like to remove and test the controller, which I believe is a 115 volt reversible clock motor with a microswitch.

I should be able to test the microswitch OK, but would appreciate info on testing the motor. You know, what color wires for one direction, then the other. The microswitch looks easy enough to replace. Is it easy to obtain?

In view of the fact that there does seem to be some response to temp button input, should I be looking at something other than the damper? Could the board be giving it faulty instruction? Could one of the thermistors be giving the board bad information?

BTW, is there any information anywhere on testing the thermistors? Like a temp/resistance chart or table? And, oh yeah, which thermistor does what? My diagram doesn't show the innards of the circuit board, so I am operating half-blind.



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