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nybrownin 06-26-2009 09:04 AM

refridgerator beeps then shuts down
My brothers fridge beeps then appears to shut down and get warm. Eventually is comes back on but not before he looses his food. Can anyone tell me what to check. From what I have read I guess it could be the defrost time? Help...he can't afford a new one.

Gene 06-26-2009 02:10 PM

It looks to me like the first failure suspect is the temperature control (#21 on the diagram). Move the temperature knob back and forth next time the refrigerator will start to get warm and if the compressor will start then this is the culprit.

- The part number for the temperature control is AP2146546

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for FRIGIDAIRE FRT21NNCW1 |


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