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Replacing Augar In Icemaker
how do you remove the blades from the old augar (icemaker) Sandy

woodchuckie 05-11-2009 09:12 PM

Here's four descriptions of how different people have done it.

Removed 3 screws from end of ice storage box,then removed auger asm.Removed c clip on end with flat screwdriver, then disasembled ice crusher blades and nylon/plastic washers.Carefully staging them for reassembly in the correct way.Use pliers to reinstall c clip after new auger is installed


I removed the ice drawer,dumped out the ice and found the front end of the clear plastic auger and the crusher housing cover were broken. To dissassemble the auger system, I removed the phillips head screws that hold the crusher-dispenser onto the drawer, took off the washer and extrernal snap-ring from the auger shaft end. After removing the auger assebly, I pressed in on two plastic catches (on the dispenser housing) and gently pried the dispenser from the drawer with a small flat screwdriver. Then I removed the plastic nut from the end of the auger. Ass'y was much easier once the parts arrived. This repair would probably be too much for the average homeowner.


Removed the ice bucket assembly and attempted to dismantle and re-assemble it the same as new
after replacing the auger. I wish the part was shipped with replacement instructions because a simple job turned into a major headache for me because of the following:
1) I did not realize that the the nylon nut at the end of the auger rod assembly has a reverse thread. By the time I had it removed using vice-grip pliers and a bench vice.....the nut threads were stripped.
2) When removing the nylon washers, spacers, metal cutters from the old auger rod, I grabbed the entire grouping hoping to drop them on the new auger rod as a group. While doing so, the pieces slipped out of my hand and It was very difficult to find the correct order of configuration even with the on-line parts photo. I would recommend that you number each part before removing them from the rod because there is only 1 way all of these pieces can be re-assembled to work as designed.


Remove tray assembly and dump ice. Remove two Phillips screws from bottom near front. Disengage latches at top near front, and remove front cover.

There is a long, spring-loaded rod on the bottom, whose position determines whether the ice is cubed or crushed. Remove one Phillips screw and disengage the rod from the crusher assembly. Be careful not to bend the rod, and be sure to reassemble it after the auger has been replaced.

Use pliers to remove nut from front of auger. It has left threads, and no flats for a wrench. Remove snap washer from end of auger with flat screwdriver, and remove large washer. Then you have to disassemble the crusher and phenoodle the auger out of the plastic housing. Be very careful to lay out all the parts, so you can remember how they go back. Also, note how the clear plastic back cover for the crusher is positioned. You can't put it back wrong, but it can confuse you if you don't remember how it was assembled.

Reverse the process to put it all back together. It works just fine. 05-12-2009 07:05 AM

Replacing Augar
thanks for the instructions...augar replaced and working fine! Your the greatest! 05-12-2009 07:08 AM

thanks so much

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