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Good Evening... i came home today to find water in my icemaker tray. I then heard the fridge spin up

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Old 09-09-2011, 07:02 PM
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Default Fridge starts and stops
Model Number: CTX18gls   Brand: Hotpoint   Age: More than 10 years   

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Good Evening...
i came home today to find water in my icemaker tray.
I then heard the fridge spin up and then shut down. The fan for the freezer is still running but the compressor spins up then shuts down and is very warm.
i pulled the back cover and cleaned all the dust out. i am thinking that it is the capacitor but not 100% sure how to check it with my multimeter. any help or feedback would be great!
thanks in advance

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You will need an amprobe to check compressor current. Either it is drawing "normal" current, like 1.5 amp, or ramping up and kicking off the overload klixon. If low current, you have a bad klixon, although very rare.
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