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My refrigerator was purchased in 2000 and came with the ice maker kit IM3 that I had to install after

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Default Ice maker kit IM3 in GE refrigerator
Model Number: TBX24JABRRWW   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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My refrigerator was purchased in 2000 and came with the ice maker kit IM3 that I had to install after purchase. This ice maker has the wire feeler arm, mounts perpendicular to the rear of the freezer, and has the single coil water inlet valve. The ice maker makes small cubes, a slow recycle time, and the cubes constantly gets stuck under the ejector fingers. Will the IM6 kit, AP2718821, work with my refrigerator as a total replacement unit? Will I need to use the new ice bin or can I use the old ice bin?



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