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JVarzea 07-03-2011 09:46 AM

Help FF/Cold Food Side (Refrigerator) coils icing up
Help GE Refrigerator Fresh Food side icing up. Started about 6 months or so ago. Coils on the Fresh Food side iced up, I defrosted them and it seemed to run fine for about 5 months or so. Then about a month ago I
thought the fan went because it started making a whirring sound, so I ordered a fan, when I took apart both sides the fan on freezer side was fine there was some frost on the freezer coils but otherwise OK. The coils on the Fresh Food side, covered in ice, I suspect that the ice build up is what caused the fan noise as well, as the fan seems to be fine. I defrosted the coils manually, again, but now about two weeks later, same issue, ice all over the coils... This unit doesn't have much in the way of thermostats, timers, etc. I think there is one thermostat and some sensors but mostly on the freezer side, how would this effect the fresh food side? Since it has it's own coil system I believe there is no damper. So do I go straight to the main board in this case?

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