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My old Kenmore refrigerator, (model #:106.8469410), needs a start relay. According to Sears, this part is no longer available, and

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Default Start relay for RSCR compressor
Model Number: 8469410   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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My old Kenmore refrigerator, (model #:106.8469410), needs a start relay. According to Sears, this part is no longer available, and no substitute is noted. The Matsushita FN77Q135-R compressor is of the RSCR design. The relay keeps the start winding circuit disconnected, momentarily, on start up, ... but then completes the circuit, (which has a run capacitor,....when compressor is up to speed.

It appears this Supco R041 overload/relay, I bought, ... will not work, as it will keep the start winding unenergized as the compressor runs.

Looking for a solution, and appreciate all suggestions/ideas. Thanks

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Include the complete model # in the box, should have a prefix in front of it.
Your start device RO41 I would not use unless you have no meter to check things. Without a meter you probably wired it up wrong.
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