Ice maker wont work


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Hi, I replaced my ice maker in the freezer and i am getting power to it, i also changed my

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Default Ice maker wont work
Model Number: ctx16cisjrad   Brand: Hotpoint   Age: More than 10 years   

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Hi, I replaced my ice maker in the freezer and i am getting power to it, i also changed my water valve in the back, bottom of the refrigerator but i still am getting no ice, the water valve doesnt seem to be getting enough power, i checked it with my meter and the voltage was one to two volts comming through the wiring harness, i think i need a new wiring harness that goes from the condenser motor and bottom fan motor to the ice making valve. I checked on the sears parts.com but found no such harness, do you think thats what i need? and where can i get the harness?


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