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Refrigerator was cooling down to 22 F and Freezer was plenty cold. I Purchased a New Temperature Control from you

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Old 11-03-2007, 06:05 AM
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Default Refrigerator Running To Cold
Model Number: F44N18CED1   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: More than 10 years   

Appliance Parts from AppliancePartPros.com

Refrigerator was cooling down to 22 F and Freezer was plenty cold.
I Purchased a New Temperature Control from you last week and installed it.
Now with the Control set between 0-1 and the freezer between Cold And Coldest the Refrigerator is cooling to 28F and The Freezer to -12F and still running. I turned the Control To 0 and it shut off and turned it to 6 and it did not come on as already plenty cold. Could it be i recieved a bad control as it acts like the points are sticking on.
I sure would appreciate your help...Thanks Eugene

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Old 11-04-2007, 02:33 AM
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richappy is a splendid one to behold

Make sure you got the factory cold control and not a substitute, next make sure you routed the new control capillary wire in the same place as the old one. Also you could have the freezer damper control set too high, just readjust to allow less air into the fridge section.
If ok, you just may have a refrigerant leak for a pro. to look at. Please post results.

Last edited by richappy : 11-04-2007 at 04:01 AM.
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Old 11-05-2007, 10:38 AM
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Default Refrigerator To Cold

I checked the Temperature Control that i recieved and it is an Electrolux for various makes.
Is this the manufacture for Frigidaire or is there a Frigidaire part that i could
send this back in for. I closed off the damper in the freezer compartment
but think it is more of an electrical problem. You did mention that if it is low on Refrigerant that it might run cold. Would this cause the switch to not work
correctly? Maybe it draws to much juice so the contacts stick. I don't know much about Refrigeration but do know some about eletronics.
Maybe its time to give up on this and buy a new one.
Thanks for your time. Eugene
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Old 11-05-2007, 01:38 PM
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Hi Eugene

The first thing I would check is the damper itself. Remove the damper cover from the back panel in the freezer and check how it moves when you turn the knob.
Then I would check the position of the cold control sensing bulb.

If the cooling system is low on Freon then it should be warm (not extremely cold) in the refrigerator. Forget about Freon leakage in your situation.
Frigidaire is a part of Electrolux.

- Here are the break down diagrams for the Frigidaire refrigerator Model F44N18CED1

Good luck.
Appliance Repair Expert in Orange County, California.

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Old 11-05-2007, 05:02 PM
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richappy is a splendid one to behold

Send that control back and insist on the exact replacement, ie same original part #.
For Gene, if the unit is low on refrigerant, the cold air from the freezer will never reach the trip point of the cold control!!
In this case, the use of the original cold control will still produce the same results, unit will never shut off!!
For eugene, pull the cover off the back of freezer and describe the evaporator frost pattern,if partially frosted, it's low on refrigerant.

Last edited by richappy : 11-05-2007 at 05:04 PM.
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Old 11-05-2007, 06:17 PM
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Just so you know, we only sell original (OEM) high quality appliance parts and not universal aftermarket replacement. Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux, and that is why the packaging says Electrolux on it. The correct part number for the cold control for your model is 5303305486 (our number AP2146546) - you should have the same number on the package. Every part we sell comes with a one year warranty, so if it's defective, we will provide replacement at no charge (there is no need to have to deal with the manufacturer, we take care of it for you).

Check the damper control knob. Make sure it's not broken. Also, make sure that the new cold control is properly installed, including the position of the sensing bulb. Post the results.
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Old 11-13-2007, 08:13 AM
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Default Refrigerator Running To Cold

I Checked the Freezer Damper and it moves fine also pulled the back pannel off the freezer to check the frost pattern and it was even top to bottom.
I double checked the entry of the sensor bulb into the tube shield and it was all the way to the bottom.
The refrigerator still cools to 21f and freezer to -15f set on 1 on the control.
I tried without the sensor tube cover and made no difference. It runs fine at times Ref. 32f-40f but then for no reason it goes out of control.
We decided rather than call a Service Tech.we will replace the Refrigerator for a New One that is more efficiant as the door seals are also getting bad and it is 13 years old.

Thank you all for trying to help. Eugene
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