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rich gosselin 01-22-2009 12:38 PM

icing problem
coils inside freezer icing up and freezer won't work. I removed inside cover and defrosted the coils and it works fine.Why does it keep icing up every 3to4 weeks? could it be the defrost heater and what does it look like?

kayakcrzy 01-23-2009 05:38 AM

when you defrosted the coil, at the bottom of the coil is the heater. it is held in by 2 phillips head screws, one on each side of it. that is most likely the problem. ge has finally changed that single heater out to a double heater. i do replace a ton of them. the part # is wr51x10101. if you had an ohm meter to check it, you could verify it. it could be the defrost thermostat, or the defrost timer, but from what i see on a daily basis, i would go with the heater as an educated guess. if you need more help let me know. tom ******************************************** - parts

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