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bdelk 04-28-2011 06:58 AM

Ice maker not dumping ice
Freezer, top mount IM, bucket dispenser on door vertical auger. The ice bucket level sensor light was flashing, 2 times, pause, one time. Replaced the emitter\receiver boards. No flashing light, but no emitter light at all. There is ice in the ice tray but the auger is not turning to dipense the ice. Thinking maybe the tray heater is bad. Next thing I suppose would be try heating the ice tray with a hair dryer. If the moter doe not start on its own,I want to test the motor cycle. Where are the T & H jumper holes.
IM model AP3182733 04-28-2011 09:46 AM

That style of ice maker is the same at the one in this video. (with a few extra trim parts)
Whirlpool Modular Icemaker Repair Help Video
this will show you how to check all of the components of the ice maker. The trick is that yours is mounted sideways for that dispensing system. First look for a 1/4" screw on the under right side of the ice maker that holds the wire connection cover in place. then pull the cover off toward the back of the freezer. next you will need to press a small tab lock on the under side rail of the ice maker mount up to allow the icemaker to slide toward the back of the freezer. after you have it removed you can check the heater, thermostat , motor etc.

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