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I have 2 questions / problems : 1. Ice maker had a green blinking light ( First noticed this )

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Default Deforst issue / Ice Maker issue
Model Number: GSL25LGTBS   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have 2 questions / problems :
1. Ice maker had a green blinking light ( First noticed this )
2. It seemed like the freezer was hung up in defrost ( The next day noticed this )
Details :
I noticed one day last week that I did not have a full bin of ice and the green light was flashing on the ice maker. I turned the ice maker switch off and on again and waited until the next morning to check. The next day there was not any ice being made ( but the light was not flashing ) and it seemed the freezer was warm ( 5 degrees ). I checked it again later that night and it still had the same concerns - This time the freezer was up to 12 degrees and the fridge was at 40 ( Set for -1 and 37 ). I emptied the freezer and check the outside back of the unit to see if the fan was dirty ( Minimal dirty and vacuumed it ). The fan on the outside back of the unit was running and the compressor was very warm ( But the fan was not running in the freezer or fridge ). There was minimal frost on the inside back panel of the freezer ( I am guessing from me frequently opening the door to check on it and then when I emptied the freezer ). The next morning the temperature was back to normal and the ice maker was making ice. I kept checking it for the past week and all has been fine ...... expect last night the ice make light was flashing green ( I reset again ) but it was not making ice this morning but the temperature was still ok ( -1 and 37 ). I do recall a year or so ago the freezer seemed warm for a day or so ..... but then went back to normal ( I do not recall any prior ice issues ).
My questions are :
  • From reading the forums - Is the mother board going bad ? or is there another possible reason that the unit did not maintain the temperature for a day
  • Is my ice maker a separate issue or a concern of the defrost mode issue ? Until yesterday I would have though it was a part of the defrost concern ..... but now I am thinking it is separate ?
It would seem odd that the mother board and Ice Maker both broke at the same time ?
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

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