GE Profile TBX19PAXKRAA Water Leak to Bottom Drawers


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Could something please let me know what could be causing water leak to my GE Profile refrigerator? It's model TBX19PAXKRAA,

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Default GE Profile TBX19PAXKRAA Water Leak to Bottom Drawers
Model Number: TBX19PAXKRAA   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Could something please let me know what could be causing water leak to my GE Profile refrigerator? It's model TBX19PAXKRAA, with defrost thermostat replaced not so long ago.

Plus, I suspect there's a drainage issue because dividing liner between freezer and fridge compartment is rusting very heavily. Also, front mullion surface is sweaty.

I'd like to salage this fridge if possible to avoid purchasing a brand new one. It cools and freeze just fine.

Thanks in advance.

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