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Two days ago I recieved a "cold" drink from my wife that tasted like room temp. I immediately stuck a

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Default Everything Cleaned & Still Not Cold Enough
Model Number: FRS20QRC   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Two days ago I recieved a "cold" drink from my wife that tasted like room temp. I immediately stuck a thermometer in the side by side fridge and freezer to find 32/60! I Googled my model and eventually found your great website. I queried my situation and found an EXCELLENT article or explanation by your appliance EXPERT from California. I found as he described a cooling coil caked with ice. After removing the rear panel I also found a FILTHY evaporative coil (we bought the refer used); I cleaned BOTH thoroughly. What I DID NOT find was the Defrost Unit as he described it. All I found was something with a few wires coming out of it that was connected to the fan, and I took EVERYTHING off of the inside back panel/duct. I also took a picture to "show" exactly what I found. I then checked the flow hole behind the crispers and it was wide open, as was the hole at the top which seems to be controlled by the refer's "Cooling Control" unit. I stuck my finger clear through the top hole from the freezer to the refer so I know it was wide open. With the refer clean INSIDE and OUT and dry as a bone and BOTH Temp Controls set at HALF WAY, I placed thermometers in both sides and went to bed. I awoke about 6 hours later to find the unit running quietly. I opened it to find 40Freezer/39Refer! I then turned the freezer to the 3/4 COLDEST position and an hour later it dropped the freezer temp to about 4 and the refer to 28. The last temperature readings certainly seem acceptable, but WHY was the freezer only at 40 and the refer at 39 after I turned it back on for 6 hours while I slept? Is something "going out" in the compressor? I would have assumed in 6 hours it would have back to normal temps? Thanks!

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