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ardekan 01-19-2011 08:37 AM

have hotpoint
Have Hotpoint double sided freezer /refrigerator frost free
In the 3 months I have noticed that the freezer do not work properly,
The temperature insides of the freezer is always above 40F, the ice make makes ice but the size is small, believe due to the temperature it gets melted over time.
Anything placed in side of the freezer do not freeze, and the refrigerator is constantly on.
Have called a repairman and came looked at it and, melted the frost and turned it back on.
The problem did not go away, when I called him he stated that the main board must not be function properly and should be replaced.

What I have done so far.
The fan is working and I cleaned the surrounding dust.
Removed the heater and tested at room temperature tested to be ~ 22 ohms, and installed it back
Removed the main board and did not find any visual problem with it, but I have ordered one and replaced it.
Plugged it back and turned on, and after more than 8 hrs I noticed the problem exist and frost appeared in the freezer and nothing is frozen..

Please help me resolve this problem

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