Tap on thermostat and starts to cool


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I have my fridge in the garage. It is cold out but my freezer wont freeze. i have the temp

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Old 01-15-2011, 04:21 PM
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Cool Tap on thermostat and starts to cool
Model Number: WRT18A0AW4   Brand: Electrolux   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I have my fridge in the garage. It is cold out but my freezer wont freeze. i have the temp setting turned up max and it doesnt run consistently. If I tap on the area where the temp dial is the fridge will start to run and cool everything. what part do I need to get? the thermostat control? I just dont want to order any parts and hope it is what i need. Or is there something else i need to look that thanks.

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Your fridge will go back to normal in the summer... Your garage temp is the problem.. Your thermostat is not calling for cooling because the fridge temp is already satisfied for long periods of time.. I've read there are thermostats available with a small internal heater to prompt the switch action in situations like this but if you must have your freezer down to 0 then purchase a commercial temp control with actual degrees on the dial and an external probe that you can route into the freezer compartment (Penn A19ABC) to use in place of the original control.. This will get the freezer temps you want but more than likely things will also freeze inside the fridge area as well... You can just leave your fridge items in the garage to keep cool for the winter season... cheers - kooler
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