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This icemaker does make ice, sometimes. However, the water inlet does not seem to be filling the reservoir at the

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Question Kenmore Undercounter Icemaker water inlet
Model Number: 10689482992   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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This icemaker does make ice, sometimes. However, the water inlet does not seem to be filling the reservoir at the right time. At least once it came on in the middle of a production cycle, warming the chilled water and overflowing into the drain. Frequently, there is not enough water in the reservoir for the pump to operate, resulting in loud noises from the pump and of course, no ice. Could this be a problem with the inlet valve itself or is more likely a control or thermistor problem? I have shut the machine off for fear of burning out the pump. Through the help of sites like this I have learned a lot about this machine and been able to make a number of repairs (Unfortunantly it has needed several.) Thanks for your help.
Also, for some time the icemaker has not been automatically shutting off when it is full. We have just been turning it off from time to time when it gets very full. Would that be a bin thermistor issue?

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