The Same old Kenmore Fridge problem


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I have a kenmore 25365802503. I have not heard much noise from this thing (I usually can hear a fan

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Default The Same old Kenmore Fridge problem
Model Number: 25365802503   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a kenmore 25365802503. I have not heard much noise from this thing (I usually can hear a fan running off and on) for a few days now. The freezer is cold (not as cold as before) and making ice. However, the fridge is room temperature. There is a small amount of frost on the back panel of the freezer. All vents are clear, as my fridge/freezer are both essentially empty. I read through the forums and found a few interesting answers.

DEFROST! I read some of the posts about this topic and thought that i would just jump right on solving the problem, however i did not seem to notice anybody mentioning in those posts that they could not hear a fan? It just has me wanting to verify that i'm even heading in the right direction.

Maybe it's the fan? Maybe the lack of defrost has frozen the fan? I'd love to start taking apart this thing and looking around, but i also can't find a parts DIAGRAM, I followed Gene's link in his old post about this topic, and it brought me to a list of available parts, but I do not see any pictures of the inside of the fridge and how to take it apart. I can't even find a diagram. Please help me out somebody.

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