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pgm3rdlk 11-23-2010 02:01 PM

Ice dispenser door repair
There have been several posts here, wondering how to get to the ice dispenser door flap (part no. AP3672582, #62) to replace/repair it. That's what I need to know too. The door hasn't closed tightly for a while and I'm tired of having to thaw out the ice chute every other week. In fact, to day the rubber gasket piece separated from the white plastic piece, so now there is even a bigger opening.

From the parts diagram it looks like outside trim piece #11 is held in place with tabs, and that it could be removed by sliding the trim piece up. Is that the way in for repair? Just don't want to cause myself more headaches before I even reach the part.

How that you can direct me how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

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