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jonny99 10-31-2008 02:54 PM

programming code for maytag hv control board
I replaced the high voltage board in my kenmore fridge and don't know the programming code to make the fridge work. i baught the fridge used and the info sticker is missing inside the fridge for some strange reason. the part is made by maytag #12920710.:confused:

kayakcrzy 11-01-2008 06:49 AM

Jonny, you probably bought that refrigerator from some one who bought it at a dent and ding place. With out that tag, you have no shot. Let me give you a few codes to try 0102 0101 0202. Try those. Look around the refrigerator, underneath the front for a scematic, that might have it on it. I would try the codes I gave you, one of them might work. Let me know. Tom ********************************************

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