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petergrif42 10-19-2008 06:43 PM

GE Profile Ice Maker Not Working
Well, I've got a $3500 <1 year old fridge that won't make ice.

GE Profile Stainless Steel: PSW23PSWA SS Could also be PSW23PSWSS, not sure how they handle model numbers, got it off the sticker inside as ...A SS, but Internet seems to think it is just SS.

From what I've gathered, I'm assuming (but not positive) that I have the IM6 electromechanical ice maker. The bin slants the wrong direction for the door dispenser ice chute, which someone aptly described getting ice from as pushing a rope up a hill.

Anyhow, design flaws aside, the machine quit making ice. I removed the bin, the green light was solid, not in fault mode blinking.

However, the paddle was "stuck" inwards, the position where it is closer to the back of the freezer than the door, as though the bin were full.

After playing with the screw (which has a spring around it that attaches the paddle to the main box) I was able to get the paddle to "pop out" again in its ordinary rest position. Or at least, what I assume is its ordinary rest position.

During this period of troubleshooting, one way or another I lost the green light. Toggling the switch on and off makes no difference: no green light.

I jiggled the power cable, but it is very firmly connected, so much so, that I don't think I could unplug it without removing the ice maker.

It is an excellent fridge, otherwise. The color-LCD display is nice. It stays -4F in the freezer and 35F in the fridge compartment. The Beverage Center is slick (it is a contained area in the door that receives air from the freezer to super-chill your beverages). I also like the QuickFreeze drawer in the freezer. Stick a can of soda or a beer in there and it is nearly to crystals within a matter of a couple of minutes. Also, the dual evaporators are noticeable in terms of humidity and freshness of food left unwrapped.

So, it's a really nice fridge... is the IM6 ice maker just crap?

Any thoughts? Since I'm still under warranty, I'll end up making a service call if I must, but I was hoping there was something simple I could do diagnostically to determine if it needed a replacement unit or not. Don't really want to sit around from 8-5 p.m. waiting for the service guy.

Gene 10-20-2008 12:21 PM

Do not attempt any repairs or it'll void the warranty. Call GE and let them fix it.


spinkus 09-20-2011 04:29 PM

did you ever solve this? we are having the same problem!
thank you.

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