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shawleigh17 10-04-2008 02:24 PM

Freezer Fan making a lot of noise
I have an old refrigerator I got from a friend. Anyways, just recently, the refrigerator was not cooling at all... then all of a sudden, it started cooling again (After about a week), but along with that came a terrible noise coming from the freezer fan. The freezer has never stopped cooling. Anyways, I cut off power to the refrigerator, and took off the fan panel. I noticed that if I spun the fan a certain way, it made the noise, if I spun it the other way, it didn't. I have no idea if anything is wrong with the motor, but this noise is continuous, whether the door is open or closed. It is definitely coming from the fan area, but I'm not sure how to fix it. Does it just need WD40, or do I need a new motor? Anybody have any ideas? It seems that by pulling the fan further away from the motor, it is making less noise (still drives me crazy, but much less crazy than before).

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