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I'm puzzled by my top/bottom Frigidaire. After a couple of very hot days, the fridge warmed up to room temp,

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Default First, evaporator, then....
Model Number: FRT17G5CSk5   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I'm puzzled by my top/bottom Frigidaire.

After a couple of very hot days, the fridge warmed up to room temp, though the freezer seemed okay. I read through this forum, dug out my owner's manual, pulled out all the food and defrosted the freezer.

Yes, when I was able to pull the back out of the freezer, I saw that the evaporator coils were frosted over. It looked to me like the frost might have stopped the evaporator fan. Since the freezer was crammed full during the hot weather, I figured there was no circulation and that caused the frosting and eventually stopped the fan. I defrosted and then put everything back together. This time leaving plenty of room for air circulation in the freezer.

Everything worked fine for about a week and then the fridge stopped working and the freezer seemed okay. I defrosted again, figuring, oh, that maybe some wire I moved was interfering with the fan or something. After defrosting, I checked everything carefully and put it all back together.

It worked for about three days, then this morning the fridge started running continuously. I didn't think much about it running non-stop before I left for work since it was another hot day but when I got back home, both the fridge and the freezer were warm and, nada, nothing is running.

If it was still running but cold on top and hot in the bottom, I was have started checking the cold control, the defrost heater/timer, etc. but now I have no idea where to begin and, yup, I have a warm fridge and freezer. There's power, the light comes on. Otherwise, plugging and unplugging, moving the settings, etc. doesn't do anything. The compressor is silent.

Any suggestions? (I have a multimeter handy but I should mention that access to the back of the unit is tricky.)

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