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mellamanjefe 07-28-2010 07:12 AM

Amana refrigerator not working after power surge
We had a storm go by our area two nights ago. The power company finally restored power to us last night. We had been out of the house during all this and before leaving we had emptied the refrigerator and the freezer. Upon our return the refrigerator appeared to work properly, control panel lights on and normal and interior lights working. However, when we opened both compartments, the inside was extremely warm. I do not have a thermometer but it was warmer than the kitchen and the house had been without AC during the power outage.

I unplugged the refrigerator, and opened up the access panel to the compressor, fan and coil. Vacuumed and removed all dust and dirt. The compressor was hot to the touch. The fan runs and appears normal. The panel to the HV Control board was also hot to the touch. I opened it to look at the board up close but there was no sign of arcing, blown capacitors or burnt smell.

After reading throught the threads it seems to me that the compressor relay might be fried. However every other thread related to this issue reports the compressor as being warm but ours was hot to the touch. Again, we had been out of the house for an entire day before we found the problem with the fridge, so that may have been what allowed the compressor to get so hot.

Any help on narrowing this down are greatly appreciated.


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