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icemaker and water dispenser Maytag
Bought 2 new dispensers/solenoid/condensor parts, replaced and connected them to back of refrig., still no ice. Checked water inlet line, ok, checked inlet water flow, ok, water is in tubing line but not pushing through, de-iced/cut off freezer to make sure line not frozen, ok. Pretty sure all lines connected properly, electric plug in to (new valve/condensor) parts connected ok. have brown and white plug in going on top/into reddish brown cannister, yellow/white wire plug in over/into blue cannister, also checked electrical charge w/ a tool that beeps with a charge, beeps when touching power cord to fridge, beeps when touching wires in the freezer by the icemaker, BUT DOES NOT beep or detect charge when touching wires connected to both new inlet valve condensor parts just installed to back bottom of fridge, could this mean some kind of electical problem with fridge? also water used to come out of dispenser even though icemaker didnt work, now water does not even come out?

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