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tbucket101 08-10-2008 04:39 PM

HELP.....Whirlpool side by side not cooling at all.....
Purchased this from a friend about a year ago, worked great until last night.....everything seems is thawing out, ice maker not producing any ice and what ice is in the tub, is melting pretty fast......both sides are not cooling adequately.....

The compressor is pretty hot, can only leave my hand on it for a few secs.

The fan next to the compressor is running.

Sounds like a fan is running on the inside as well but very light air flow coming from the vents.

I have unplugged the unit for a few mins, 10 or so, plugged back in and can hear "something" cycle on and then off every 2-3 mins afterwards, a slight hum that last about 5-8 of now, I have everything in the fridge in the garage, a very small top/bottom.

What would you check next and then after that?

I have a really good appliance parts supply store near me, but would like to do some home diagnostics before just replacing random stuff.

What concerns me the most is this compressor being so hot...I have read that they are suppose to be hot, but how hot?

Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions !


kooler 08-10-2008 10:11 PM

relay most likely
Hey Adam, you may just have a bad start relay on the compressor altho the model you listed is not jiving with APPros database... With the fridge unplugged try to remove the cover on the side of the compressor where the wires go... There's a start relay under this cover that may be bad and worth replacing to see if the compressor will start.. If it doesn't then it's time to determine if you want a new fridge or put forward the $ to have someone replace the compressor for you... Call into APPros with the model number to get a relay...

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