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msakakeeny 07-24-2008 05:59 PM

Ice Maker does not Make Ice
My Kenmore Trio stopped making ice, the water dispenser in the refrigerator works. OK. How do I determine which part(s), ice maker, valve, harness...., need to be replaced?

Mark S

Earl Dryer 07-24-2008 08:47 PM

1. Does icemaker fill with water and is the mold empty?
2. Is there Ice in the mold with the ejector fingers touching the cubes but not ejecting?

1. If no fill & empty mold Remove the white cover from the front of the ice maker then place a jumper wire between test point T & H for about 3 to 5 second this bypasses the thermostat and the water should fill Listen for the solenoid to buzz. This also resets the icemaker. Icemaker could go on and function nornally or stall at eject or fill again. If it does the t-stat is gone get a new unit.
2. If yes, The heater is probably out replace the unit (Most common failure)

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