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phoebe112 02-12-2010 10:03 AM

Kitchen Aid double oven repair
I just wanted to thank Gene for his advice on a post about oven repair. He was dead on correct in diagnosing our problem. Sure enough, it was the thermo fuse behind the control panel. We called Kitchen Aid technician to see about the part #'s for the three fuses we needed. They were NO help whatsoever and didn't even have a part by that name. The two fuses in the back of the oven were fried also. We ordered the part online from APP and got it in 3 days. No big deal to install and we saved hundreds by doing the repairs ourselves. The hardest part was getting the oven out of the cabinet to get to the back. I am very disappointed in the Kitchen Aid people for not knowing their product and being of so little help. When my husband told them it was because of the self cleaning cycle he said they never have had a complaint about that happening. Funny, there are many complaints of this very nature on Whirlpool and KA on this very site. Apparently the manufacturer needs to get up to date on these websites to see what is really happening out there. I have been a long time advocate of KA over the last 40 years (6 homes) but am going to have to re-evaluate my loyalties next time I build a house or remodel! Thanks again, Gene, you are a whiz! Phoebe

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