Kenmore elite oven error code F31 and F5


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. "

When trying to start the oven and I pushed the bake button the panel flashed F31. I unplugged the oven

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Default Kenmore elite oven error code F31 and F5
Model Number: 79099123402   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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When trying to start the oven and I pushed the bake button the panel flashed F31. I unplugged the oven and plugged it back in. I was not able to get a response of any type when I pushed the bake button. When I pushed the heat setting button to adjust the heat setting for that burner an error code F5 00 showed up. I can not set the clock and none of the numbers for the clock show up. Do you know what is wrong with my oven?

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The F31 code means problem with temperature probe(shorted).

Check the probe's resistance with ohm meter.

At room temperature - less than 500 ohms replace it.

At 75*F - 1091 +- 5.3 ohms. If different - replace it.

Prior to replacing the probe, check the wiring harness and connection to EOC(oven control).

The temperature probe Part number: AP3969435

Part number: AP3969435

I'm sorry that your question wasn't answered on time. Although, it's probably too late to help you, I'm posting the answer anyway, so that it may help other people with a similar problem.

Thank you.

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