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alohacomputer 11-12-2009 04:13 PM

GE LP gas oven smells rich
I have a new GE gas range that I have converted to LP gas. I followed the instructions in the coversion kit that was included. Everthing went smooth and burners light fine. I have used the oven, both bake and broil, so that the new smell would burn out.

When I use the oven it smells STRONG. I have tried to adjust the flame / air mixture as the manual says. Flame is blue and no soot.

My question is that on my 2 100lbs propane tanks I have a two lines that go to my (1)auto switchover regulator, then the line goes into the house (black pipe) and up through the floor to a shutoff valve then a flex pipe to the (2)stove regulator. (that I coverted to LP).

Do I need two regulators, one on the tanks and another that is already in the stove?

Thanks, Don

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