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I carefully installed a new burner wiring harness yesterday unplugging and plugging one wire at a time to be sure

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Default kitchen range burner problem
Model Number: FEF342AWG   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I carefully installed a new burner wiring harness yesterday unplugging and plugging one wire at a time to be sure I had the harness correctly installed. However, I still have a problem with this stove. The two rear burners heat normally but the front burners do not heat at all. I tested the front burner elements by replacing the back elements with the front and the elements are good.
Is there somewhere else I should be looking to correct this problem or am I correct in thinking that the burner element controls for both front burners need to be replaced? I am asking what may seem like a stupid question only because it seems like a strange coincidence that only the two front burner controls went out while the rear controls still function correctly. I can see no physical disoloration on the rear of either of the front element controls and testing with a volt meter shows the same voltage going to each control via the red wire.
Bill Evans

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