Oven keeps switching off during pre-heat


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. "

Hello, all, and thanks in advance for your advice. I have an ancient Roper wall/built-in oven that came with the

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Default Oven keeps switching off during pre-heat
Model Number: 30B5B1A   Brand: Roper   Age: More than 10 years   

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Hello, all, and thanks in advance for your advice.

I have an ancient Roper wall/built-in oven that came with the house we recently bought. It was working great and had better things to do with the money, so have kept it. Now, however, it is giving me grief.

After switching to bake and setting the temp., the digital display will show the oven heat light on and the starting temp (100). Over the next 10-15 seconds, two quiet but audible clicks can be heard, and then the oven witches off--the oven 'on' light goes off and the temperature display disappears. The clock display remains visible, so I know the panel is getting power.

I tried both the Bake and Broil settings, but neither work: the elements warm up a bit but never glow hot.

Now that I think of it, over the last couple of weeks leading up to this, I have twice returned to the oven that I had set to pre-heat and found it off. I had chalked it up to absent-mindedness ("Did I switch it on?"), but maybe the current state is simply the end of a deterioration that began earlier. (In those cases, I simply turned the oven on and it seemed to behave normally.)

As mentioned, this is an ancient oven; you won't find the model number anywhere nor any parts, so unless this involves a generic part, it will be time to break open the piggy bank.

- Nikko

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