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I have a Kenmore Electric Range/Oven, Model 79092803015, that recently had a failure. Upon turning the oven off after baking

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Default Kenmore 790 series Range F10/F15 errors
Model Number: 79092803015   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I have a Kenmore Electric Range/Oven, Model 79092803015, that recently had a failure. Upon turning the oven off after baking a meal, there was a fizzling sound from behind the control unit and a bit of ash blew out from behind the unit. I checked all the functions of the oven and saw no visible problems. The next day, upon turning on the oven, it gave the error code F10 (check RTD sensor probe, replace EOC). I then removed the back panel, and did a closer inspection of the components and found that the R1 resistor on the circuit board for the EOC had blown up. I checked the temperature sensor (with a meter) and found it's resistance to be correct for room temperature, so assumed the problem was with the EOC. I ordered a new EOC (same part number: 316560127) and replaced. Upon reapplying power to the oven and setting it to bake to test out the new board, after about 10 seconds of attempted preheating, the oven shut down with an F15 error code (Controller Self Check Failed - replace EOC).

So I have a couple of questions:
1. Did I receive a defective replacement EOC? I'd hate to just replace it again and have the same issue.
2. What would have caused the resistor to blow up in the first place (if not in the EOC circuitry), and could this problem reappear? Again, the temperature probe seems to be functioning properly and I did check the heating elements - they too seem to be functioning properly.

Any help is appreciated.

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