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CATMANZRT 11-18-2017 09:32 AM

LG Oven Not Heating After Self Clean - F9 Error
My wife did a self clean of the oven last week and after that, oven won't heat anymore and throws an F9 code after about 3 minutes. Wall outlet checks out good, so I proceeded to check individual components on the back of the unit. Everything APPEARS to check out ok. Continuity through both upper and lower heating elements, thermostat resistance was 1045 ohms, thermostat fuse was 1 ohm. At that point, I condemned the lower control board and ordered a new one. Replaced board, and still no oven!!!:mad:

Any suggestions on where to check next?? I checked the upper control board for any signs of a burnt board or component, and see nothing wrong here either. Not really looking to call a service tech from over 100 miles away (closest LG certified tech) when we can just replace the unit for $500 - $700!!

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