12 year old GE Dual-Fuel Range Broiler Out


Oven Repair (including Ranges and Cooktops)

. "

This 4 burner, 30 inch dual-fuel range came with the house we purchased two years ago and it's my guess

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Default 12 year old GE Dual-Fuel Range Broiler Out
Model Number: ZDP30N   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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This 4 burner, 30 inch dual-fuel range came with the house we purchased two years ago and it's my guess that it is the original equipment, which would date it around 2004. The broiler has never worked, previous owner did not cook much. Bake works fine. Self-clean does not work.

Knob turned to "broil", broil button pushed. Fan comes on, none of the indicator lights come on. I can hear a faint clicking like a thermostat when I turn the knob past "broil". Coil does not get warm.

I found a wiring diagram in the base labeled ZDP30, p/n 16249-03, but no sign anywhere of a model or serial number. I also found instructions for the installer to jump a heavy green ground wire to a connector on the neutral section of a terminal block, but it had not been done.

For the s/n I looked in the oven and under the burners.

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